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the “Tennessee Three sound”, was largely developed by Fluke’s “train-like” rhythms and driving beat.

Having the distinction of being the first musician to play a full set of drums on the stage of the world famous Grand Ole Opry and the only drummer Johnny Cash ever had, are but two of the accomplishments of Fluke Holland over his 50+ year career.

This web site is dedicated to the man behind “The Man in Black” who is still very much active today playing the music he loves.

W.S. “Fluke” Holland continues to influence other musicians the world over, as a true American original artist, passionately dedicated to his calling.

Welcome to the “official” web site of W.S. “Fluke” Holland.  Fluke is recognized around the world as a legendary musician, artist, music innovator and rock & roll pioneer.  

He was “there when it happened” at Memphis’ Sun Recording Studio laying down his unique style of drumming on such international and timeless hits as Blue Suede Shoes, Matchbox, Honey Don’t and other unforgettable Carl Perkins recordings. He toured with other trailblazing artists like Elvis, Jerry Lee Lewis and Roy Orbison, who helped give birth and a voice to Rock & Roll.

The sound that became famous around the world on virtually all of Johnny Cash’s hit records, and known as

Father of the Drums Pictures from our Norwegian  Tour Aug. 2013
The only drummer Johnny Cash ever had....Almost 40 years with "The Tennessee 3"....Rock & Roll Pioneer at Sun Records with Carl Perkins Band...."Father of the Drums"....Toured with Elvis, Jerry Lee Lewis, Roy Orbison, Carl Perkins, Johnny Cash, The Highwaymen & More....Influenced some of the music industry's top drummers and artists.....Internationally known and respected as a legendary performer.....
WS Holland Band "LIVE" in Memphis CD

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